What Guy from Coin Bureau thinks about YouTube, his upcoming conference, and his biggest crypto wish


This week I caught up with Guy from Coin Bureau to talk about his upcoming live event, the Coin Bureau Conference in London. We ended up chatting about crypto politics, his YouTube career, how he comes up with his rhymes, his biggest crypto wish, and loads more. Honestly, he’s such a guy (pun intended) you really should give it a watch. It’s great to see him unscripted, as most of his content is carefully researched and prepared. Seeing the unfiltered version of one of the best crypto content creators around makes you warm to them.

An ode to Coin Bureau

I could not resist
Now I’ve interviewed Guy.
An opportunity missed,
Should I not comply
With the Coin Bureau format
To converse in rhyme.
So my own back I’ll pat
for this poem of mine.
And leave you to watch
this vid so top-notch.

The exclusive video in full

What is Coin Bureau?

For those of you living under a rock for the past 18 months, Guy is the face of the YouTube channel Coin Bureau. The channel focuses on critical topics in the world of crypto and blockchain without focusing on price prediction or hype. Guy offers a level-headed approach to the space with detailed, information content that has helped him grow to over 2 million subscribers in a relatively short length of time. It is the only channel I recommend to anyone new to crypto and one that I watch myself.

Coin Bureau Conference in London

Taking place on May 7th, join the Coin Bureau team for an exclusive one-day event experience hosted virtually and in-person in Central London. Guy and his team are bringing together the biggest cryptocurrency creators, projects, and brands to create a memorable moment. If you’re a die-hard cryptocurrency fan, then you don’t want to miss out on this experience. Learn more here

If you’d like to see more content like this email, tweet me with recommendations for who we should speak to next. You can get tickets to the event from the Coin Bureau website and follow Guy on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, and Instagram.

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