Uniswap wallet launches on Apple’s iOS App Store following earlier troubles


Uniswap’s mobile wallet has been approved by Apple’s iOS App Store, according to an update posted to the project’s blog on April 13.

The mobile wallet allows users of Uniswap’s popular DeFi self-custodied token swap service to access most of the platform’s features. However, until recently, those features were aimed at desktop browser users rather than mobile users.

Now, Uniswap says that Apple will allow the wallet to be used in several countries. The project says that it plans to extend availability further as Apple allows it.

The project separately said on Twitter that it is available in “most countries” but did not provide a full list of supported locations.

Uniswap’s issues with Apple

Uniswap previously encountered difficulties launching its wallet on iOS devices due to Apple’s strict app store guidelines.

In March, Uniswap said that Apple approved its October build but rejected its final build of the application.

At that time, Uniswap said that it would cooperate with Apple’s questions but said that the company’s decision-making process was unclear — especially given that similar wallets had been approved by the company. Uniswap wrote that it was “stuck in limbo,” adding: “Apple won’t green-light our launch and we don’t know why.”

Despite that initial rejection, Uniswap was able to provide early access to the wallet. Today’s announcement suggests that thousands of early-access users exist.

The wallet is currently ranked #140 in the App Store’s utilities category.

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