The smart wallet that lets you retrieve lost crypto


Today we are talking to Michael Pearl, the COO of Kirobo. Kirobo claims to be the “safety net for DeFi”.  Their goal is apparently to make crypto management as “safe and convenient” as online banking. Recently I wrote about how Vitalik still does test transactions before sending large amounts of ETH. Kirobo claims to solve this problem.

Pearl states, “we don’t reverse the blockchain, the blockchain is the blockchain… we work with smart contracts that allow us to create… an escrow.”  He claims there is no third-party risk between the user and Kirobo as if their service were to go down then transactions can simply be claimed back via a smart contract call if the transaction is not confirmed. The only part of the system that goes through Kirobo is the authentication of the passcode. The rest is entirely decentralized.

This safe transfer contract is one of their suite of products. Learn about their inheritance product and others in the interview below. For those looking to watch the inheritance advert, we talk about you can view it on their YouTube channel.

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