NFT Powered Metaverse: The Beauty Of Customized Digital Identities


The metaverse is a concept that may be familiar to anyone who has been following the tech, gaming, or cryptocurrency industries prior to 2021. Nevertheless, even if you’re not a part of these communities, you’ve likely seen an uptick in the conversation since Facebook announced its lofty aspirations to create a metaverse.

What exactly is the metaverse?

It is regarded as the next significant evolution of the Internet, moving away from today’s text-driven websites and frequently closed ecosystems towards a shared, overlapping 3D realm where users interact through avatars. Thus, the metaverse could potentially supplant certain traditional real-world activities.

Businesses and consumers are gearing up for this radical transformation

Businesses and consumers alike are getting ready to explore this new universe of possibilities. The consumer goods sector will be one of the first industries to experience the effects of a “real-time 3D internet,” with its potential to revolutionize how people work, play, entertain, and socialize.

Various sources of enormous financial opportunity exist, ranging from advertising in the metaverse to e-commerce, virtual events, and new hardware. In fact, mega consumer brands like Gucci, MacDonald and Nike are already expanding into the metaverse.

A unique experience for consumers

You could, for example, use the metaverse to visit a factory on the opposite side of the world by donning a virtual reality (VR) headset. You’ll be able to view and touch the equipment, shake hands with the supervisor, and examine its operations all from the comfort of your home.

The Metaverse also makes it possible to send one digital version of yourself to that factory while another meets with your company’s executive committee. Even if you leave that virtual factory, it will continue to operate in tandem with the physical one.

For car enthusiasts, you could jump from one virtual car dealership to another, feeling the wind in their hair as you test drive cars. Or, if you want to grab a bite, you could order a Big Mac in the metaverse and have it delivered to your doorstep in the real world.

Consumers can also shop for virtual goods and even try on virtual clothes in the same way it’s done in the physical realm.

The role of the beauty and fashion industry in avatar customization

The metaverse, which has been dubbed “the fashion playground,” is gradually becoming the go-to destination for beauty and fashion firms trying to reach out to a younger generation of consumers. And this expansion has created an opportunity for cosmetology experts to capitalize on the trend.

Cosmetology and fashion, in general, have a very interesting role in the metaverse. One of the main benefits stylists can offer consumers is personalized avatars for them to use when visiting the virtual world.

Picture a 3D avatar that not only looks like you but can also be customized to your taste. This includes everything from clothes to hairstyle to more personal features such as tattoos and adornments.

German stylist to supply customized digital identities to consumers through virtual experiments – The next unicorn?

The merger between the beauty business and the metaverse may extend to how people present themselves in space. Since becoming increasingly conscious of the rave for avatar customization, leading hairdresser, Louise & Fred, has become determined to bring virtual hairstyling to the metaverse.

“Hair is an important part of how we present ourselves to the world, and our style can also be used as a significant tool for self-expression.” – said founder, Frederik.

He continued to say that he couldn’t have been more excited about getting involved with the emerging technology, especially after witnessing the possibilities of avatar customization, which allows customers to communicate their individuality.

“This is an enormous opportunity for virtual experiments that are otherwise not possible in the physical world.” – continues Frederik. “Virtual hairstyling is one way that allows us to take bold new steps into uncharted territory, giving consumers more customized choices with regards to their look and ultimately how they want to present themselves.”

To achieve this, the brand has teamed up with a number of partners in metaverse to open virtual hair saloons in different virtual worlds. This will allow them to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience that they would otherwise not normally have in the real world. Imagine relaxing in a Louise & Fred virtual saloon in the metaverse, and your favorite movie star is sitting right next to you.

“People would be able to come into a virtual store and try on different hairstyles before committing to making a purchase.” – said Frederik

“This is quite exciting because it opens up a wide variety of opportunities for new methods of consumer engagement while building trust and loyalty with them at the same time,” he added.

This collaboration is expected to commercialize the avatar experience through virtual experiments using various NFTs. The first move will be to make between 5,000 – 10,000 exclusive NFT member cards available for white/public purchase, allowing holders to access their virtual saloons in the metaverse.

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In addition, holders of Louise & Fred NFT member cards will qualify for discounts and exclusive offers at any of the company’s physical stores.

“In this way, we’re able to reward our customers for being a part of our ecosystem.” – added Frederik.

With over 80,000 customers already on the books, the brand has seen widespread interest in its NFT project. This is to be expected since they are considered one of the leading hairstylists in Germany.

“We’re quite humbled by how our little NFT project has blossomed.” – Frederik said. “But it’s what keeps us hungry and motivates us every day to continue creating world-class experiences for our consumers. The NFT ecosystem will allow us to offer more value through incentives that ultimately provide them with a better product.” – concluded Frederick.

It’s exciting to know there are companies like Louise & Fred that are paving the way for more unique experiences in the metaverse, especially for their customers.

This could be a bold step towards building a strong ecosystem that revolves around the NFT. In this case, creating a unique experience that goes beyond the current scope of what is possible in the real world.

The new frontier is just within reach, and the change has already begun. You, too, can be part of this exclusive community where fantasy meets reality.

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