ETH deflationary gains erased post-FTX collapse


Ethereum (ETH) recently became the most deflationary it had historically ever been amid the FTX collapse, reaching a deflationary percentage of -0.00514%, but as of Nov 29, ETH has lost almost all deflationary gains.

ETH now sits at a deflationary percentage of -0.00090%. This loss of deflationary gain equates to over an 80% retracement back toward inflationary ETH percentages.

Furthermore, the total volume of ETH burned via the EIP1559 BASEFREE burn mechanism is currently at an all-time low (ATL).

Despite the fall in deflationary gains and the current ATL  burn volume, ETH addresses with a balance equal to or greater than 32 ETH are however at an all-time high (ATH).

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