Crypto Twitter goes bananas on April Fools Day


As one could have expected, April fools day sent Crypto Twitter off the charts this time. At CryptoSlate we really had to think twice before falling for any of the amazing “news” coming out of the social media platform. Anyway, we collected a few of the best tweets on Crypto Twitter during the day. Enjoy!

Let’s begin with Ryan Berckmans’ tweet on Solana’s amazing plan to shut down its consensus layer and settle on Ethereum.

Adam Cochran, Partner at Cinneamhain Ventures, thinks it’s time to sell all ETH and go full bananas on Cardano.


This one is only partially a joke. This is how the EU parliament functions (sic!) when voting on “unhosted wallets”. Tweet by asscrusader420, “professional bagholder.”

Ethereum Overlord Vitalik himself seems to be in a joking mode as well. Or wait, is this really a joke? Vitalik defending Bitcoin maximalism? Nah, bro, must be a joke.

While we’re into Vitalik, according to the extremely well positioned observer Crypto Gucci, Vitalik is actually ditching Ethereum altogether (he’ll be apologized for being sick and tired of the darn thing), and is going all in on Solana (what else?).

Our matador on The Hill, Jake Chervinsky is, however, not so much in a joking mode.


According to Neeraj K. Agrawal, Communications Dude at Coincenter, he’s applying to become the U.S. Department of State’s Ambassador to the Metaverse. Not bad of a career move.

And, yeah, we sort of agreeing on this one.

Yours truly aint gonna be worse. Here’s my proud announcement on my appointment as to the Swedish government’s advisor on Bitcoin’s transition to proof-of-stake.

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