1inch launches protocols on zkSync Era


DeFi protocol aggregator 1inch Network has deployed 1inch Aggregation Protocol and 1inch Limit Order Protocol on the zkSync Era — an Ethereum Layer-2 network.

1inch users will be able to access the services on the new blockchain network starting April 20.

Additionally, the launch will also make GemSwap, SpaceFi, SyncSwap and Mute — among other DeFi protocols — available on the zkSync Era network via 1inch.

1inch Network co-founder Sergej Kunz said:

“zkSync Era is a very promising L2 solution, and we are glad to be among the first projects to deploy on that network. As zkSync Era gains steam, 1inch users will benefit from faster and cheaper transactions.”

zkSync Era

zkSync Era is a Layer-2 blockchain that uses Zero-knowledge technology called zk-rollups to essentially increase the number of transactions possible on the Ethereum network by moving computation and state storage to Layer-2 network instead of processing them on the Layer-1 mainnet.

The network processes transactions itself and sends a zero-knowledge-based “rollup” of the aggregated data to the Ethereum mainnet to reduce strain on the network — resulting in faster and cheaper transactions overall.

Matter Labs developed the zkSync Era Layer-2 network and officially launched the mainnet on March 24. The project has been in development for a number of years and was launched in phases.

The network has seen substantial growth since, boasting over $200 million in total value locked.

Matter Labs CEO and co-founder Alex Gluchowski said:

“DeFi has been a driving force behind zkSync Era’s explosive growth that has seen over $200M in TVL driven to the protocol in just three short weeks, and we expect the deployment of 1inch to contribute to even greater adoption and usage of zkSync Era.”

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